Here at Watts Freestyle K-9 Training we train all breeds of dogs. Training has come a long way from the old style of harsh methods of compulsive training. Our training methods use motivational, positive reinforcement. We use the dog's instinctive drive to help create desirable behaviors and further refine the training your dog begins to learn. This type of approach has created extraordinary success in achieving great reliability and enthusiasm. All dogs benefit from this type of obedience training. Obedience training is the foundation for all dogs and will help develop a stronger bond and mutual respect between you and your dog. Having a basic understanding of what motivates dogs and how to work through the undesirable reactions and behaviors and turn them into a positive desired behavior, is the key to our training philosophy.

We are located in Bradenton, Florida. Our Business hours are 9am to 7pm. You can contact us at 530-524-2323. Or, drop us an email at info@wattsfreestyletraining.com

What Motivates Dogs?

Watts Freestyle K-9 Training
Many owners encounter some not so great behaviors from their four-legged family members. By working with you and your dog we can help you understand the "why" behind these problems and how to fix them. Learn More

Each Dog is Different!

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Here at Watts Freestyle K-9 Training, dogs are individuals in their training; no two dogs are alike. We keep our classes small, allowing us to give individual attention and instruction to each dog.

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Private Instruction

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We also offer private instruction for those with busy lives: work, family, or other obligations that would not allow you to attend regularly scheduled classes.

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Watts Freestyle K-9 Training is for the Real World, No Training Issue is too Big or Small.

No Matter what your dog's undesirable behaviors are, we can assess the situation and develop a plan to eliminate them. We will teach you how to work with your dog's inherent drives. Gary Watts, owner of Watts Freestyle K-9 Training, is a Master K-9 Trainer. He has completed over 2,400 hours of class room and field work. He is also a PCSA Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician. About Gary